"Journey begins in your mind...   Exotic Journeys can assist..."

Ever since we started our business in 1979, we have traveled across the globe trying to chart routes into every possible labyrinth that may lead to something beautiful and exciting….exotic. With so much to explore, the job of our professionals to enhance the experience of our customers is never ending. Forever we have been refining and improving the nature and structure of the tour packages to suit every possible category of travelers.

As far as our destinations are concerned, we have in time acquired an in depth knowledge and have devised a vast collection of tour packages strategically designed to cover as much ground as possible, at the most competitive prices. And though we can claim that most of the travelers shall find a suitable package to meet their desires, for the ones who tread the less traveled path, we have the expertise to even tailor make their far fetched plans.

Even the best of travelers need the guiding star. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first timer, we offer our guidance that has been nurtured over years of practice and dedication by a highly motivated team of tourism professionals. In the years that we have served people in their journeys across unknown lands, we have earned the laudation of our peers, critics and customers as evident in the suggestions of prestigious guide books, seasoned globetrotters, handbooks and tourism industry professionals. In understanding the right route to the right place in the right manner we have earned the reputation of a knowledgeable, reliable and dependable tour company.

Ranging from cultural and sightseeing tours, to adventure packages, to wildlife safaris, to trekking in the Himalayas, to white water river rafting, to luxury train journeys, to simply arrangement of air tickets, hotel bookings or car rentals, we assure you of the best services of an all encompassing tour company.

Our website is designed keeping you in mind. It is very simple and easy to navigate. All packages are organized by countries and destinations, durations, activities and interest. The site contains a destination guide, weather conditions, what to see and how to reach, hotels we use, how to get visas and travel permits, translator into various languages and most other information you may need to plan your next journey.

And for those who seek an extra pinch of luxury, we have special arrangement with some of the world’s most exclusive luxury hotels.

With vast knowledge and expertise gained in the field of tourism and travel, our executives in the USA and other overseas locations are ever prepared to assist you in your pursuits. And make your journeys exotic. Please contact us any time if we have any specific question or requirements.



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