"Travel brings power and love back into your life.- Rumi"

We are the Dream Weavers at Exotic Journeys International Group, who for decades have been smitten by the un-exhausting beauty of this planet, discovering every nook and corner that would bring people together, introduce cultures, narrate history, showcase arts and architecture, explore the wildlife, natural beauty and surprise you with life that you had heard of and may not have seen.

Exotic Journeys International Group was established in 1979 in the USA and has over the years earned its reputation for high quality personalized services, creative itineraries, value for money luxury and deluxe tour packages, seamless operation and reliability among the industry peers and consumers. You have our promise that we will exceed your expectations with guarantees of dedicated individual attention to your tours and travel related services around the World.

In such trysts with this gorgeous and generous earth, we found an unusual variety of unique and exotic places that beckoned travellers, writers, poets, philosophers and adventurers to be captivated by its mystical attractions.

Everybody has a personal purpose to travel and if you have found yours, we can help to make that dream into a hassle free realistic experience. Our professional teams have designed hundreds of tour packages around the World with taste, passion, imagination, experience, personal zest for exploration, in-depth knowledge and feedback from clients. Furthermore, we will be happy to custom design a package or packages geared to your lifestyle, preference and interest.

Explore our website for luxury and deluxe tour packages. Request access to Private Collection of personalized trips created by our valued loyal clients. Sign up for savings. We may have specials that may interest you.You are invited to join our fleet of explorers to unfurl this panorama of wonders that we promise to make you fall in love with by the time you return. And return, you will....

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." (Susan Sontag)
You travel, you experience and you understand.It is a beautiful world!


Coronavirus (Covid 19) Safety Protocols:
All our tours on our website/s and brochures, will operate only by fully vaccinated personnel. Our drivers, guides, tour managers and others in our employment and / or contracts are in full compliance with the local authorities’ guidelines and requirements.

For the clients’ safety, we will operate each tour with limited number of participants. All safety protocols will be strictly followed. All participants will be required to produce proof of full vaccinations at the time of booking on any of our trips and also while travelling with us.
Please visit CDC, WHO, John Hopkins university & Medicine and foreign Government sites for current information. Here are few sites that may be helpful in your post Covid 19 travel plans.
The above information is current & remains subject to change. Please sign up (Travel Agents) & and remain informed. Contact us if we could be of any assistance.



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