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ANDAMAN ISLAND - Weather Chart
  Average Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall In Inches 1.18 1.06 0.94 2.89 14.80 23.90 17.50 17.50 21.00 13.40 8.35 6.90
Temp Low - F 73 72 75 79 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75
High - F 82 84 86 90 93 97 95 93 91 88 84 82

In the middle of the Bay of Bengal, halfway between India and Burma, lies this string of over 300 richly-forested, tropical islands. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands were annexed by the British in the 19th century and used as a penal colony for Indian-freedom fighters. The notorious Cellular Jail is one the most famous tourist attractions of Port Blair. From this capital, boats are available for trips to near by islands and excursions can be made to Chiriyatapu or Bird Island, Corbyn's Cove beach, Ross Island, and other islands in the region. Shopping includes mother of pearl jewellery and artefacts, objects d'art in local wood, palm mats, shells, etc.


  • By Air  : Indian Airlines connects Port Blair with Calcutta, Chennai (Madras) & Car Nicobar. The Boeing 737 flights from Calcutta and Madras take approximately 2 hours to reach.

  • By Sea :There are ships sailing from Madras & Calcutta Ports and occasionally from Visakhapatnam. The journey takes approximately three days.


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